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Splashes of Success: Recap of the 2024 Auckland Junior Long Course Championships

The water at Westwave Aquatic Centre wasn't just shimmering with excitement but also with the sheer determination of our 57 junior athletes who participated in the 2024 Auckland Junior Long Course Championships from March 1st to March 3rd. Despite facing challenges such as Monique's absence due to COVID isolation, our swimmers showcased resilience, making her, our club, and themselves incredibly proud.

Long Course racing poses unique challenges, especially for junior swimmers accustomed to training in short course pools. Nevertheless, our team not only persevered but excelled, clinching the prestigious top club award. Each stroke contributed to this achievement, deserving every athlete a resounding pat on the back.

As we go through the results, it's vital to discern between Short Course PBs and Long Course PBs. While Short Course racing tends to be faster, the times often listed in meet programs are 'short course converted' personal bests. It's crucial to recognize that although an athlete may not surpass their program time, it might still mark their fastest swim in a long course pool—a feat worthy of applause. Racing serves as the ultimate training ground, nurturing our athletes to thrive with every experience gained.

Our team's medal tally was nothing short of impressive:

  • Gold Medals: 27 (including 3 relay golds)

  • Silver Medals: 25 (including 1 relay silver)

  • Bronze Medals: 23 Totaling an outstanding 75 medals, reaffirming our position as the TOP OVERALL CLUB.

Personal Best Times were shattered left and right: Out of 237 events, our athletes achieved 195 new personal best times, boasting an impressive PB percentage of 82.28%. Special mention goes to Brown and Panda, achieving remarkable PB rates of 93% and 91%, respectively. A round of applause to those achieving a perfect 100% PBs: Grayson Coulter, Dominic Barton, Elvin Wang, Maya Chanaka, Iris Davis, Amber Fawkner, Roxelle Feng, Abigail Kwok, Ruben Park, Mikah Roberts, Nikita Strombeck, Austin Sun, Johan-Albert Vorster, Jonathan Yang, William Zhang, Tony Zhang, Iris Chang, Kris Lu, Rachel Xi, and Elaine Zhou. Well done!

In the realm of records, Grayson Coulter was a force to be reckoned with: Breaking three club records over the weekend:

  • Men 12 Years 50 Freestyle – 26.13 (old record 26.62, Daniel Zheng, 2018)

  • Men 12 Years 200 Freestyle – 2:03.25 (old record 2:10.20, Lee Burrow, 1991)

  • Men 12 Years 100 Butterfly – 1:05.31 (old record 1:06.14, Lee Burrow, 1991) A monumental achievement, especially in surpassing records that stood for over 30 years!

His prowess also earned him two Auckland Records:

  • Men 12 Years 50 Freestyle – 26.13 (old record 26.62, Daniel Zheng, 2018)

  • Men 12 Years 200 Freestyle – 2:03.25 (old record 2:09.84, Michael Mincham, 2009) Indeed, a phenomenal weekend for this young prodigy!

Reflecting on the event, it's evident that our swimmers didn't just race—they embodied bravery. A crucial lesson learned: to succeed, one must embrace discomfort, push boundaries, and be brave. The energy within the team was visible, reflected in the excellent results achieved.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the parents and supporters who volunteered tirelessly poolside and in the control room, playing pivotal roles in the success of our team. Your unwavering support is truly appreciated.

As we navigate towards upcoming events like Junior Club Night and the Coast Level 3 Meet, let's carry forward this momentum, striving for excellence in every stroke, and continuing to make waves in the world of swimming.

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