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The North Shore Swimming Club is a club with a strong tradition of developing international swimmers and Olympians.

  • We believe that many of our young swimmers have the talent and the opportunity to embark on the pathway of success to become future champions

  • The progression from a 'learn-to-swim' programme to a junior squad in a competitive swimming club is the first step of every swimmers path to the top

  • Our programme has a strong long term focus and aims to retain swimmers who have a passion for swimming

  • With current World Championship Swimmers our programmes are set in place to produce the best and you can be assured of the total support of our coaches for your child’s development

  • Be part of the future of New Zealand swimming


North Shore has been the top swimming club in New Zealand based on points since 1995. North Shore Swimming has a massive history. Starting in 1897 as Cheltenham Swimming, after World War I it amalgamated with the then Devonport Swimming Club to become the North Shore Swimming Club in the early 1920's.


Since its inception NSS has put over 30 swimmers onto Olympic, World Championship and Commonwealth Teams. The immense growth of NSS swimming is highlighted by the fact that 20 swimmers have made one of these esteemed teams since the year 2000 and in 2005 NSS put 13 swimmers onto the most successful New Zealand World Championship teams ever.

Every year since 2000 the greatest percentage of New Zealand representatives comes from the mighty North Shore team setting the club firmly at the forefront of New Zealand swimming. It is fitting that North Shore Swimming now operates out of the AUT Millennium, in Rosedale, Auckland.


Completed in February 2002 the $32 million AUT Millennium has been privately funded and led by New Zealand businessman Graeme Avery. The organistation was established to help New Zealanders excel in sport and to contribute to a healthier nation. It is a world class integrated environment for the achievement of excellence in sports performance and in personal health, recreation and fitness.

Our Squads train at the Takapuna Aquatic Centre, Milford Primary School, National Aquatic Centre and AUT Millennium.  In conjunction with the AUT Millennium Swim School, North Shore Swimming has a pathway from 'Learn to Swim' right through to 'International World Class Athlete'.


With around 310 current members, North Shore Swimming Club has a unique progression system providing ongoing success in both skill and performance. The journey of a swimmer to a high powered athlete is an enjoyable and productive journey which helps to develop our young men and women into great citizens of the future.

North Shore is all about being a competitive swimmer and enjoying it!

Always has been. Always will be!


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