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Making Waves: NSS Junior Club Night at NAC

On Thursday night, NSS's Junior Club Night at the NAC pool drew 132 eager swimmers, marking for many their first taste of competitive swimming. Guided by Monique Williams (Head Junior Coach), the focus was clear: to hone racing skills in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere.

The pool deck teemed with activity as swimmers readied themselves, some aiming to test their limits, while others sought to refine their techniques under watchful coaching. Throughout the evening, cheers and laughter filled the air, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie.

Coaches, pleased with the swimmers' enthusiasm, provided guidance, ensuring all felt valued. As the event ended, the true triumph lay in shared accomplishment and unity (and maybe some lollipops too). Looking ahead, anticipation builds for the Level 3 competition, where these skills will be put to the test.


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