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Louis Clark's Take on Treviso: A Swim Meet to Remember

Racing began in Italy with a lovely warm day, with the team amazed by a cast of hundreds of competitors already warming up and hundreds more surrounding the pool. This came as a shock to some of our athletes, but everyone was eager to start racing. The first day was a great learning experience for everyone, as dealing with being at the pool from 7:45 a.m. till 9:00 p.m. was something no one was used to. Everyone was able to enjoy the atmosphere and lovely sunny weather to get us through the day.

For the start of the second day, Graham gave everyone some motivation as we were only 6 points behind in the overall team competition. Today was arguably harder than the day before as the hotter weather and fewer clouds were certainly taking a toll on everyone’s bodies. Despite this, we saw some great performances and pushed right to the final race, falling just short of the overall points competition, finishing second. This was still a great achievement for the team, and everyone put their best foot forward. The team is looking forward to the next week of training and trying to finish one better at the next meet.

Treviso Swim Cup Results

Combined Open & Age Group Medals

200 Back

Gold - Tess Whineray & Sam Poching

Silver - Anna McGowan

200 Breast

Gold - Melissa Cowen

Silver - Nicholas Cowen

Bronze - Monique Wieruszowski, Grace Jeromson & Elwin Bao

50 Free

Gold - Chelsey Edwards

Silver - Becky Meder, Amelia Bray & MacAllister Clark

400 Free

Gold - Summer Osborne & Louis Clark

Bronze - Brooke Humphries

50 Fly

Gold - Chelsey Edwards

Silver - Amelia Bray & Jacob Humphries

Bronze - MacAllister Clark

100 Free

Gold - Chelsey Edwards

Bronze - Amelia Bray

50 Back

Gold - Anna McGowan

Silver - Elwin Bao

Bronze - Tess Whineray & John Quirk

200 IM

Gold - Becky Meder & Louis Clark

Silver - Blair Helms

100 Back

Gold - Tess Whineray

Silver - Anna McGowan & Sam Poching

50 Breast

Gold - Monique Wieruszowski

Silver - Melissa Cowen

100 Fly

Gold - Becky Meder & Jacob Humphries

Silver - Amelia Bray

400 IM

Gold - Louis Clark

Silver - Blair Helms

200 Free

Gold - Becky Meder & Louis Clark

Silver - Chelsey Edwards

Bronze - Summer Osborne

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