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Development Summer Camp

From the 7th to the 12th of January, our 25 development swimmers had their training camp in Cambridge. They had two sessions each day: one in the morning (short course) at St Peter's School and the other in the afternoon (long course) at Perry Aquatic Centre.

The camp fostered a great atmosphere where the swimmers took on daily duties in different teams (blue, yellow, and white) and engaged in significant development both as a team in the pool and outside of it. From a technical swimming standpoint, we introduced strength conditioning and fostered camaraderie to propel the entire group forward, instilling pride in their hard work with focused attention. This was reflected on the last day when the swimmers devised a structured workout with a fun and challenging set.

Additionally, the highlight of the camp was the surprise jet boat ride, which all swimmers thoroughly enjoyed, experiencing speed on the Waikato River while learning about its history.

We are excited for the Development Camp 2025 to elevate you to the next level!

Hey ho! Let's go!!!


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