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We will continue to update this page as we get new information. Please keep checking it as much as possible.

Red Light Framework

UPDATE: Friday, 3 December 2021, 4:20pm

We ask that you please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to your session start time with your Vaccine Pass (if this applies), wait outside the facilities with / for your coach who will then take the squad as one group into the complex. If your swimmer is late we can’t guarantee they will have access to the pool as the coach will be inside the complex.


There will be some tight turn around times, please ensure your athlete/s are aware they will need to exit the pool immediately after their session has finished.


Please make sure you and your athlete/s read and understand the below linked document on AUTM / NAC Guidelines.

UPDATE: Friday, 3 December 2021

We are excited to report that Friendly Manager has now gone live with their real-time tracking of the NZ My Vaccine Pass. You are now able to login to your Friendly Manager account via the NSS website and upload your athletes vaccine pass to their profile. This new feature allows us to dynamically track the status of vaccine passes for all our members and staff.


Please read and watch the below link for a quick and easy tutorial on how to upload your My Vaccine Pass.



It's important to note that NSS & FM will be compliant with government regulation and not create unnecessary security issues as the My Vaccine Pass, nor any personal medical information is stored in the system. Authentication technology is used to ensure the QR code on the My Vaccine Pass is valid.



  • We ask that you please upload valid passes at your earliest convenience. Your athlete will still need to bring their vaccine pass to their first session, so that one of our coaches and / or admin staff can verify and confirm it belongs to them.

  • If your athlete is under 12 years and 3 months we do not require any extra information.


Whilst we are all excited to get back to the pool, there is new technology and processes in place and ask you all for your patience during this period as we all adjust to the new normal. Squad schedules will be out later today.

UPDATE: Wednesday, 1 December 2021


Our pool facilities have now confirmed their operating requirements under the Red Framework level.  Linked is the AUT Millennium / NAC Guidelines. Please read the linked document and explain to your child the entry protocols for returning to the pool.  Takapuna pool run by Auckland Council has its covid information and is available here COVID-19 customer information.  It has not released any more specific entry protocols but please wear a mask on entry to the pool and follow directions of coaches and pool staff. 


The facilities will require everyone over 12 years to be vaccinated in order to enter – this includes all swimmers, coaches and spectators. (Note, when you turn 12, you have 3 months to get fully vaccinated.)  


At Takapuna pool you will need to show your vaccine pass / letter from the Ministry of Health at the entry.  


AUTM has asked that the Clubs, using the facilities, sight and verify all of its coaches, members and swimmers prior to visiting the pool and to maintain the vaccination records.   Friendly Manager (club management software provider) has been working on a solution to enable members to upload their vaccine pass and have them verified. That is in testing this week and Friendly Manager hopes to have it released by Friday.  The programme will use authentication technology to ensure the QR code on the vaccine pass is valid. Please do NOT send Tonya your vaccine pass – she will not be storing these for swimmers.


  • If you haven’t downloaded your swimmer’s Vaccine Pass or applied for a MoH letter, you need to do so now.  You will need to upload it shortly and your child will not be allowed to enter the pool facilities without it.

  • You will receive a further notification asking you to login and upload your vaccine pass to the Friendly Manager system. Please attend to that as quickly as possible as club administrators will need to verify the passes before we can confirm to AUTM that we have sighted all swimmers passes.  

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